Muslim Character

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Muslim Character

লেখক : Muhammad al-Ghayali 

পৃষ্ঠা : ২২৪

প্রাইস : ৩০০ টাকা

Muslim Character

This book, Muslim Character, presents the comprehensive nature of Islamic morality, which covers all aspects of life. Islam links the origin of all human beings to a single pair of parents and upholds the principles of equality, justice and fairness to all human beings regardless of their race, color or faith. Islam respects all life and treats it with compassion and kindness. As a religion of the Middle Way, Islam rejects extremism and emphasizes tolerance, forgiveness and moderation. The reform of society begins with the reform of the individual. The essential qualities of Muslim character are truthfulness, sincerity, tolerance, forgiveness, trust, patience, fairness in dealings, brotherhood, love, mercy and generosity. This personality is attainable and was exemplified by the Messenger of Allah, who was sent to perfect moral character. A Muslim has to strive for it with Muhammad ﷺ as the best role model.


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